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PostSubject: Top 15 MUST HAVES!   Top 15 MUST HAVES! Icon_minitimeThu Apr 14, 2011 9:10 pm

■A great mobile phone. Mobile phones today can meet a diverse range of your different needs. They can provide entertainment, education, connectivity, business tools and more. You don’t want to live without one. Invest in a good one! . You can also choose mobiles from our list of top 10 mobiles of 2010 .
■A laptop. Although mobile phones and notebooks are increasingly popular we’re still generally in need of laptops for true productivity on the go. Mac notebooks are still a top choice in the market today.You can also check our top 10 laptops list to choose your laptop .
■An e-reader. These days it is important for you to have an e-reader at your disposal. This is the way to get books whether you’re using iBooks on an iPad or a single-purpose e-book reader such as a Kindle. Increasingly these gadgets are also used to read documents from academic and professional settings so they’re becoming more and more important as time goes on.
■A gaming system. We all need to have some fun in our lives. Invest in a good game system to entertain yourself. The Wii is a leading choice but if you’re an Xbox or PlayStation fan then go ahead and select one of those instead.
■Mini-camcorder. Video is the way of today. It is how businesses market their products. It is how people capture funny moments to share with their friends. It’s how blogs become spectacular instead of just average. Carry around a mini-camcorder with you to make use of this powerful platform. The Flip UltraHD is a top choice.
■High-capacity USB Flash Drive. You regularly need to store files and data to have access to on different computers. A high-capacity easy-to-pocket flash drive is a must-have gadget today for that reason.
■Internet TV. We’re increasingly blending out televisions and computers and you need a gadget that is going to put you on top of that game. There are many fresh new options out there for watching TV online and accessing the Internet on your television. A leading choice in this area of gadgets is Slingbox, which sends your saved TiVO’d shows to your laptop to watch on the go.
■Charging pad. All of the different devices that we’re carrying around with us every day need to have their batteries charged. We’re past the point of wanting to carry around half a dozen different chargers to keep gadgets powered up. Instead, invest in a charging pad where you set all of your gadgets to get them going again.
■Wireless mouse and keyboard. There are many, many different options on the market for cool mice and keyboards. The key thing here is to go wireless. It makes your desktop more streamlined and your computer accessories easier to use.
■Printer/ scanner/ fax machine. Can you live without one of these in your home? Most of us can’t these days.
■Home energy gadgets. One of the biggest ways that we waste money is that we waste electricity at home and drive up our own energy bills. Home energy gadgets resolve this problem by monitoring home energy use and allowing you to program and power off home energy even when you’re away from home.
■GPS system. This is how we get around these days, using turn-by-turn navigation everywhere that we go. It’s possible to use your mobile phone to do this but it’s also possible to get a great handheld GPS gadget, too. Choose wisely!
■Music player. Likewise, you can use your phone as a music player or get a separate mp3 player but either way this has become a gadget that can’t be lived without.
■Electric razor. This old-fashioned gadget has been on the must-have lists of both men and women for a long time. It is still an important gadget to have in your bathroom drawer. It makes the every day tedious task of shaving a lot simpler and safer.
■Food processor. Kitchen gadgets are among the most popular gadgets flying off of the shelves these days. They simplify our every day lives by making it easier to prepare our meals. However, many of these gadgets aren’t really necessary. If you’ve ever owned a food processor then you’ll find out that it’s an exception to the rule and truly does become a necessity in the kitchen!

xD You know it's true

Top 15 MUST HAVES! Mocats10
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PostSubject: Re: Top 15 MUST HAVES!   Top 15 MUST HAVES! Icon_minitimeFri Apr 15, 2011 12:49 am

man....i disagree with sooo much on this.
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