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 Fairy Tale

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PostSubject: Fairy Tale   Fairy Tale Icon_minitimeThu May 05, 2011 1:26 am

Fairy Tale

All around
My heart is beating loudly
Am I going to drown?
Who will save me,
Will I escape this desolate pound?

I sit and wait
In my tower of despair
Waiting for anyone to show up
Could anybody really care?
Who will save me,
Will I escape this snare?

I calmly await
My chance to shine
For He is with me,
If no one else, perhaps glory divine?
Who will save me,
Will I escape this straight line?

What is that I see,
Off in the distance?
An animal,
Or just another passive existence?
Could that really be,
The one who will give me assistance?

The day you arrive
My world is flipped upside down
It is like I jumped a great divide
There is no way to explain the lifted frown
Was I just saved,
Have I escaped this ghost town?

The touch
Is nothing like I have ever felt,
The fire ignites
And my skin melts
Oh how I’ve never wanted to be burned so badly,
I’ll gladly welt.

It feels so right
And yet so foreign
It is not yet developed,
But it’s not hysteric.
There’s such an air,
It’s atmospheric.

A vibrance,
Oh so grand,
There is none like it,
It really knows how to expand.
It shines upon me,
And the butterflies can’t land.

The knight in shining armor
Is at it again
He doesn’t have to be perfect,
If he can just retain.
I don’t want him to change,
I just want him to remain.

Things may not go the way we want them to, but we are living them anyways. Live in the moment, not in the past nor the future. Take each step as it's own, and keep yourself from falling.
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Fairy Tale

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