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Why? Empty
PostSubject: Why?   Why? Icon_minitimeMon Apr 18, 2011 5:49 am

Why? Thats all I can ask is why. You abandoned me 11 years ago, leaving without saying a word. Then you just show up friend requesting me on facebook. What did you think I would just accept and automatically start talking to you again like I did when I was 11. You abandoned me, you promised that you would never leave again. I needed you, I needed my father. But the only thing you were and good for was a sperm donor that help give me life. That is the only thing you have EVER done for me. I hate you, I hated you since I was 6 and you broke your promise of coming to pick me up for the weekend. I sat in the hallway of my apartment out side my front door for 8 hours, my mom had to come carry me into the house cause I wouldn't leave cause I thought you would come since you promised. But that day I found out how substance your promises have. Which is nothing. I hate you soooo much, what make you think that I would want to talk to you and bring you back into my life? I been doing just fine with out you, so why would I want to speak to you again? Except probably to say I hate you, I wish you would go to hell.

Sorry for my rant its just something I had to get out. Thank you for those who have read

Why? Musicr11
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