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Matt Empty
PostSubject: Matt   Matt Icon_minitimeMon Apr 11, 2011 1:07 am

This is a novel I've been working on based on a comic strip I made long ago. (8th grade-10th)
It's an action sort.
I made another comic which is linked to this one but based on another character, which later on I will share.
Feel free to comment. Smile

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Matt Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 1   Matt Icon_minitimeMon Apr 11, 2011 1:07 am

It’s my father’s funeral. I feel like I carry so much anger inside of me. Maybe if I had arrived home earlier, I would have had the chance to stop all this. He just might have been still alive. I wouldn’t be wearing this black outfit. I see the people around me, among them are my closest friends and Catherine. Even now she still looks gorgeous. She never had the chance to meet my father. I know that they would have gotten along. He would have loved her. She is one of a kind. Not the common everyday woman you meet at some bus station or a party. She lived a second life, diner waitress by day, and by night there was a total different side of her. Maybe that’s why I have learned to love her. She was intriguing, and unique. She doesn’t know it yet, but I know she’s in love with me. She tries to avoid me lately. But I won’t give up on her. I honestly believe if she didn’t love me, she wouldn’t be here in the first place.
My best friend who’s almost a brother to me, Riko, we have been friends since first grade. I couldn’t help noticing how suspiciously he looked at Catherine. It’s as if he knew something. Somehow, while I’m looking at him right now, I felt that Riko hasn’t been all that honest with me. He is hiding something. I can feel it. Question is, do I really want to know what? But then again I can’t deny the fact I haven’t been all that honest with him either. I suppose everyone is entitled to have a secret. Maybe it’s just best not to tamper with it. I see him he walking towards me. He’s one of the few who knew my father best. He practically grew up with us. He and his family weren’t what we could call a close one. Frankly I barely knew them. What I did know was that his parents were divorced. His mom was a junkie, and as for his father well we both don’t know much about him. Just that he left his mother when he was two. So that’s why he would hang with us and do everything like he was part of my family. Always came to my parent’s birthdays and showed up for every single father’s and mother’s day. He went to camping trips, stayed over for several nights. He’d spend most of the Holiday breaks with us if he wasn’t sent to his grandma’s house. I remember once I went with him. She smelled like some old cheese. She had some weird freaky habits. It caused a small impression on me when I realized that she had fake teeth. Thought seeing fake teeth in a glass of water was just something you see on TV. At least her desserts made up for it. But it was nothing compared to my mothers cooking. He loved it too. Now that I’m thinking about it, he was there at her funeral with me nearly three years ago, sharing the same pain and loss with me. And once again we share the same grief today. A great man was my father. Some things in his life weren’t completely shared with either of us. He had a dark secret closed up in a closet just as we had ours. He would always like to avoid the conversations about a camp he had been part of several years back. Maybe it has something to do about his murder. I don’t know but I’m going to find out, even though I’m afraid of what I will be finding out. Here he stands next to me, placing a hand over my shoulder, letting me know he was here with me we, and feeling what I felt.
“Matt, I’m sorry about your father, I know how you feel.”
“Riko, he was your father as much as he was mine” I hugged him tightly, knowing he was hurting as much as I was. If he weren’t here I wouldn’t have known how to hold myself up.
“Why Matt? He was so good. Why would someone do such a thing to him?”
“I don’t know, but I swear I’m going to find out one way or the other. And who ever was involved will pay.” I looked at him and there was something strange about his look. I couldn’t place it. Maybe he was just remembering some of his painful childhood memories. Then Bill came along. He’s one of the goofiest friends I’ve ever had. But he too was feeling it. He spent a lot of time with us too.
“Dude, I’m feeling you. The old man, he was something to admire. Hope you get over it soon. Later we can just party and drain it down man.”
I just had to smile; it was so like Bill. He isn’t the best when it comes to expressing mourning. He was a party boy first and last. Nothing was to be done about it. But I knew he meant it. Knew he was sad, he loved my father. I find it hard to find someone who just didn’t when they get to meet him. Still can’t believe it. He is inside that coffin under the ground. I feel an intense hate that makes me clench my fists tightly and shake in anger. I event felt startled when I felt the priests hand over my back.
“Matt, my boy, you must let it go and move on with your life. I don’t think your father would have wanted you to carry such weight within you.”
“No, you are right, he wouldn’t like it. But I need to know Father. Everyone deserves to know he was a good man and being murdered the way he was….” I shut my eyes tightly as I remembered how I walked into the house and saw how he was thrown on the floor, surrounded by a big puddle of blood.
“You can’t possibly think and seek for vengeance. He wouldn’t want that, if that’s what you are on to.”
“You might be right, but he deserved much better than this. He should have lived longer. I just want to know the why Father. Payback isn’t my style; it isn’t even something I could possibly do. I’m just a common guy who goes to college, works out few hours at the gym, and works now and then. There is nothing I can do, and nothing to worry about Father.” Tried smiling, but I knew deep down I couldn’t fool him.
“Matthew, you better not go doing anything foolish.” And with that he turned around and walked away.
I decided to look upon my fathers’ gravestone. I just didn’t understand why someone wanted to murder him. Started to feel tears coming out, but I wiped them off. Crying was for the weak. And that was something I wasn’t.
“I promise you dad, I will find out who’s behind this. He will pay and wish he never messed with me.”
“I wouldn’t like to be the one of the guys who murdered your father. Your word sounds rather promising that you will make them regret ever killing him.”
“Alejandre, didn’t notice you were around.”
“I have reason to believe that his murder is related to a long chain linked to the Rovers gang, who we mentioned a few days back.”
“Yeah? You really think so?”
I looked at him then slowly walked away. I just needed to think for a bit.
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Matt Empty
PostSubject: Matt, Chapter 2   Matt Icon_minitimeWed Apr 13, 2011 12:22 am

“How the hell did he just run away? You morons! You telling me five of you couldn’t take out one boy?”
“We are sorry boss, he was just…”
“Just what? Huh? Did he know any James Bond moves that you guys couldn’t just get him or shoot him?”
“Boss he wasn’t what we expected, he got us off guard.”
Another guy walked in.
“Boss we have located him again. He is just down the alley.”
“Ok good then, lead the way. This time he wont escape.”

Damn it, I need to find some place to hide. I knew I shouldn’t have taken a step forward. I was so freaking clumsy. You just HAD to call some attention right? You clumsy fool! Great now this is just great. I just cornered myself. Behind those crates might help me while I plan my grand escape. Maybe those garbage cans next to them could work.
“There’s no where to hide now. We have you trapped. Why don’t you make it easy on all of us and give your self in?”
“Boss, do you want us to kill him?”
“No you fool! I want to know why he was spying on us in the first place. Now kid, no more playing games, and tell me why you were there and what do you know?”
“Oh, what do I know? Gee you make it tough man. First thing that I know is that you need a mayor haircut; you look like a girl with that style. And second…”I grabbed the trashcans and threw it straight at them. Gave it a run towards the streets and noticed a red motorbike coming ahead. Decided to aim my shotgun straight at the guy and heard the tires screech.
“Hey what the…”
“Get off, give me your bike and helmet now!” He didn’t even hesitate and ran off. I hopped onto my “new” ride and within minutes I already had a car chasing after me. It was them again.
“You can run all you want, but we will get you kid.”
“We’ll see about that.” I speeded up. I have to trick them and get lost.
“Pull over kid, and no one will get hurt.”
Yeah right, all they want to do is get me, question me for a bit and then kill me. Doesn’t that sound a tatsy bit nice? Oh crap now they shooting at me in the middle of the streets.
“Hey! If a bullet hits me you will regret it!” If only I could make it out alive. Good a street full of alleys. Now the trick was to just make sure I didn’t go into another one with a dead end or else this time I will be screwed. Shit, they got my arm. I need to turn soon, maybe if I make a left here. Hope this works out.
“What the hell! Stop the car you moron, he is running away!!”
After a few more turns I was certain I had lost them, finally. Now it was time for me to head home and deal with my arm.
Home. Sweet home. Got to sneak into my own house or else my Dad just might have some questions which I’d rather not have to deal with.
Sitting on my bed, I look for my first aid kit inside my nightstand. I take off my black jacket. Damn, they ruined it. It was one good leather jacket. Maybe I can get it fixed. Now got to start checking out my arm, I realized it was just a scratch, but it sure as hell burnt a lot. As I placed a bandage on it, I went to my closet seeing what I’m going to wear. I am so planning on going back, but this time a bit more prepared. Told them they would pay.
Yeah that red shirt with my sleeveless long brown leather jacket would do. I have a thing about looking cool while I’m chasing after the bad guys. Now off to the garage; and check out my weapons.
I try walking down there quietly as possible. My old man must be sleeping, wouldn’t want to wake him up. If he only knew what I kept in my closed cabinet on the wall he would die. As I unlocked and opened my cabinet, I just had to admire my weaponry. I just got to love my samurai sword. So I’m taking it with me. You never know, it just might come in handy. My Colts as well; shot gun staying in this time. I needed something with speed.
Once I stashed what I was taking with me, I closed the cabinet and headed towards my convertible. While I sneak in I’m going to call the cops, so they would be on their way and arrest these thugs.
Turned on my car and pressed the accelerator. I love just hearing how my engine roared. My dad and I put it all together. She was a beauty. Headed towards the thugs hideout and parked a few feet away from it. I sneaked my way in and hid behind some boxes and crates. Yeah apparently it looks like crates have been my recent hideout and sneaking places to use today. From here I could hear their boss all upset about not being able to find me.
“You still haven’t found him? How can you just lose him?”
“I’m sorry Boss. You saw what we saw. We told you he wasn’t some ordinary kid who happened to sneak around.”
“Yes I know, you already told me this a thousand times. I’m going to have your head off if you tell me one more time. Do what ever it takes, I want that kid right here, dead or alive. What if the word gets out and we have cops surrounding us? How are we going to explain MY boss about this? Oh I’m sorry but I have incompetent workers who couldn’t stop a kid ratting us out and the cops took away 20K of coke?”
“We are on it boss don’t worry.”
I couldn’t help letting out a small chuckle. The guy had me closer than what he thought. And apparently he took my advice about his hair.
“You heard something?”
“It came behind those boxes.”
“I bet it’s that kid!”
Everyone there seemed to be alert already. Once again I gave myself away. But then I couldn’t help myself from laughing. They already took out their guns and shooting where I was. I lunged myself behind other crates. Got up and shot at two guys and looked straight at their boss. Gave him a huge grin, and he seemed really pissed about it.
“Is that all you can do? I’m not even hurt.”
“We will see if you still are smiling after this.” He took out his radio. “Reinforcements NOW!”
I looked around me and saw easily ten more guys getting to their positions, some where even up on the balconies. I looked back at their boss and narrowed my eyes.
“How rude of you. You aren’t playing nice, pissing me off wont help you.” This was going to be a piece of cake. I hid behind the boxes, planning on my next move when I noticed a hook from a crate coming right at me and threw myself to the ground and shot some guys at sight. Stood up and started running, put my guns away and took out my sword, knew it would come in handy. Sliced a guy who was in my way and then I grabbed onto a rope and cut it so I would get pulled up. Once I was on the balcony I slashed another guy who was nearby, and put the sword away taking my guns out again and shot anyone at sight. Looked down and it was just the boss and I. Jumped down where the bags of coke were and stood in front of the boss who was ready to run off. I had the both guns aiming straight at him.
“Did you miss me? Heard you wanted me here at your feet dead or alive. Guess you were lucky and have me here, alive as you can see.” The satisfaction I got at seeing his face stunned was priceless. I heard the sirens already. Cops were on their way.
“Kill me! Come on I dare you to.”
“I’m going to track you down and kill all your family if you don’t kill me.”
“If you continue talking like that I WILL kill you.”
“No you wouldn’t. Who are you trying to kid around here?”
“Shut up.”
“No, just like I thought you wouldn’t because you are weak, you aren’t like me, you wouldn’t even shoot me because I’m unarmed.
“I said…SHUT UP!!!” And when I least expected it I pulled the trigger. I was stunned. I shot him, and I didn’t really want to. He was unarmed and the cops were just around the corner. But I shot him just because he angered me. He threatened getting my family.
“Kid that hurt, now I will have a bad shoulder. I knew you didn’t have it in you.” He laughed at me, turned around and walked away. “So long kid.” He continued walking away laughing, and I didn’t stop him. I just couldn’t and didn’t know why. I decided to leave, because it wouldn’t be too good having the cops find me here too.
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Matt Empty
PostSubject: Matt, Chapter 3   Matt Icon_minitimeWed Apr 13, 2011 12:22 am

Lying down on my bed, I kept thinking about what had happened two hours ago. I wanted to have shot him, killed him, just to prove him wrong. Just to say yes I can. But maybe that would have made me into him, right? I wouldn’t ever know I guess. Minutes later my phone was ringing. Looked at my watch and saw it was just eleven o’clock at night. Only person who’d be calling me at this hour was Bill, and I decided to pick up the phone, knowing already why he was calling me.
“Hey dude, there’s a party here man, and you so just got to be here. It’s like totally rocking already.”
“No double dating right Bill?”
“What you talking about man? Just get your ass down here and party. I’m tellin’ ya, It’s Da Bomb!!”
“I will be there in a second then, let me change. See you there.”
Bill was one of a kind. I didn’t feel like going out, but somehow, I don’t know if it’s the vibe he sends with his voice, but just makes you want to be there, rocking it as he claims it. I got of my bed, searched for a decent shirt to go out with, fixed my hair a bit, and walked out.
Few minutes later I was in front of the club where Bill usually hangs out and the bouncer wouldn’t let me in. Felt rather annoyed because it was the same bouncer who didn’t let me in last week, and knew I was expected to be in. Then I spotted Bill walking towards me.
“About time man, the bouncer wouldn’t let me in again.” Bill laughed out loud and tapped my back and the bouncers.
“Matt, it’s just that the bouncer wants you to take him on a date.” He wiggled his eyebrows, and the bouncer just smiled looking at me. I was left wide-eyed.
“Dude that’s not funny.” The bouncer grunted. “No offence to you of course, I just don’t swing that way man.” Before Bill guided me inside the club, I felt the bouncers big hand grab my butt. He made me jump, and Bill continued laughing his head off, and giving the bouncer thumbs up, until then he finally stopped right before he was going to point out two ladies.
“Mattie, dude, I found these two babes, god! I mean, they are twins!! How sweet is that bro?”
“Matt come on, don’t give me a no. I mean just look at them. Well I know that the other sister isn’t so WOWWIE as her other twin, but she looking a’rite’.
“Bill, I’m not double dating right now. I told you I didn’t want this, I just broke up with my girlfriend a few days ago.”
“Oh Mattie, have some fun. I know she might not be your type, and all.” I gave him a disapproving look. “Matt, don’t make me tell them to leave.”
“Like if you wouldn’t keep both to yourself if I didn’t want to hook up with one of them.”
“Well…True but…You see the hot sexy babe, well we kind of hitting it off, as in for real?” he looked at me with an insecure face, I couldn’t believe what I was actually hearing, was Bill trying to tell me he was having a girlfriend?
“Wait. Let me get this straight…You and that ‘hot sexy babe’ is she the one from like two weeks ago?”
“Yeah, we just I don’t know…Clicked? Come on Mattie. Please tell me you going to reconsider it?”
“Only this once Bill.” I couldn’t help grinning. It seems like finally Cupid did his job. We both walked towards the ladies. He introduced me to Jasmine and Catherine.
When I looked at them both, I could hardly believe they were twins. Both were beautiful in different ways. Jasmine seemed like a big flirt and Catherine, she was more reserved, but just as attractive, didn’t wear excessive make up, or should I say didn’t use any except red lipstick. Her dress was showing flicks of skin in areas that were tempting for any guy. You could tell she was toned. As for Jasmine for my tastes, she overdid it. Too much skin, at some point reminded me of my ex. Flaunting everything around. Don’t know what even made me notice her.
Bill had a table for us already, and he of course sat next to Jasmine. On the other side from Jasmine, Catherine sat across from me. Heard Bill talking but didn’t pay much attention to what he was saying. What ever he said made the both ladies laugh. Jasmine’s laugh sounded a bit exaggerated for me, but Catherine’s was pleasant, bubbly and warm. It made my stomach tighten. Later Bill and Jasmine got up to dance. Catherine just looked around and smiled whenever our eyes would meet. I tried to avoid looking at her. When she smiled at me I would feel like she was putting me under a spell. Felt it dangerous.
Few minutes past and Bill hasn’t come back with his date, so I decided to get up and ask Catherine for a dance. Maybe it wasn’t entirely a wise choice but the night is young, and didn’t want to bore her, or myself. When she placed her hand over mine, at first it was like a small shock, but then it felt soft and smooth. I liked the feel of it a lot, maybe too much in fact. Felt like it was meant to be there all along. When we danced, it was as if we were one. She moved so smoothly, like a cat at times. I loved the feel of her body close to mine. God, what the hell was I thinking? I am a guy after all, might as well enjoy then. We might not have had much to talk about while we were at the table, but the dancing made up for it. We danced for hours. Time just flew. I noticed that Bill finally sat down with Jasmine and they were cuddling.
The smell that Catherine would let off was drugging. It was some sort of an exotic floral scent, which meant beware if you got too close. Her dark hair seemed like it had a mind of its own. The way it flowed around. It made me want to dig my fingers in it. God she just looked gorgeous.
“Hey guys sorry for interrupting your dancing, but Jaz and I are leaving.”
“Cathy, you don’t mind if Bill’s friend took you home?”
“Excuse me ladies for a sec. please.” I grabbed Bills arm and took him away from them. “Bill where you going? I’m not taking her home. I don’t want to.” Really didn’t want to. What if I was tempted to kiss her? Those lips of hers…Damned I’d be if I ever try them, or if I don’t. Or ask her out again? Something told me to take a step back.
“Chill Mattie, come on, just take her home. I thought you two were hitting it off, thought you wouldn’t mind. Plus, Jaz is coming to my place, finally she like letting me get it on.” He nudged my stomach with his elbow and gave me a wink. I can’t believe it. He is getting laid and that’s why he was sending Catherine off with me. Well that was so Bill, shouldn’t have been surprised. I agreed to take Catherine home. Don’t know what I’m getting myself into. As I got to where she was, it was safe to say she didn’t seem any happier than I was.
“It’s so Jaz, she makes me come along with her to a party but she leaves with the guy. It was nice meeting you Matthew, but I will walk home thank you.”
“Walk home? No I’m taking you.”
“You don’t have to, it was clear you didn’t even want to in the first place. You don’t have to say it. I could have seen it when I saw Bill asking you to.”
“I’m sorry, but please I insist. Let me give you a ride home.”
“That isn’t necessary, it’s just a few blocks away, and I want to walk.”
“Well, let me walk you home at least. It’s late and I don’t want you walking alone.” I linked my fingers with hers, and gave her hand a light squeeze. I liked having her hand in mine.
“Ok, fair enough then, but really you don’t have to.”
“No I don’t have to, but I would love to.” She smiled at me and I smiled back.
“But you really don’t” We both smiled even wider.
“Yeah. Whatever. Let’s go.”
We didn’t say much; we just walked. I had my hands in my pockets, and looked at her now and then. When I least expected it, I was already I holding her hand again. The green earrings she wore brought out her eye color. It was strange that I had noticed already, that in different type of lightings her eye color would slightly change. She didn’t have green eyes, but then we can’t say she had blue either. I found her nose somehow cute, noticed it would twinge a lot earlier at some of the crazy things Bill would say. Her lips, they were full and inviting. Maybe they would fit perfectly against mine…Then she finally said something to me but didn’t catch what she said.
“Huh? Sorry I wasn’t paying attention.”
“Oh yes you were paying attention, but not at what I was saying.” She giggled. I must have had some face. “Typical in guys, anyway this is it, my apartment. Thank you. I had a nice evening.”
“Oh, yeah.” I let go of her hand, and dug my hands deep in my pockets. “I didn’t expect I would have had a great evening
“What were you expecting?”
“I don’t know, just didn’t expect liking your company. Thought you might have been some flirtatious ugly hag. That Bill would most likely introduce to me, with zits all over your face.” We both laughed together.
“We barely even said anything to each other.” I shrugged and smiled.
“It was a crowded space? You could barely even make out what exactly Bill even said. And he just sounded funny. So what was there to really talk about in that time anyway?”
“True. At least the dancing made it up for the evening.”
“No questioning that.”
This was it. We were right in front of her doorsteps, facing each other. I wanted to know so badly what was she thinking about. Our eyes were locked, her lips seemed like they were calling for mine. I bet they would taste as good as they looked. I tried digging my hands deeper in my pockets to stop myself from bringing her lips closer to me. One kiss…and that was it. Why was it so complicated? It wouldn’t kill me.
“Well...I guess night then.”
As she turned around I couldn’t help it, but I grabbed her hand stopping her from walking away further. She looked at me skeptically. I just had to ask her out again. Felt my stomach fluttering. I let go of her hand after realizing I was still holding onto it
“Hey, I was just thinking, umm that maybe we can hang out again, some other time, like tomorrow, umm a cup of coffee to start up the day?” Since when was I ever really nervous asking a woman out? Last time I was nervous was back in sophomore year in high school.
“Yes, that would be nice.”
“Tomorrow then, meet you at here at eight?”
“Sure, goodnight Matthew.”
“Sweet dreams Catherine.” Saw her walk into her apartment, and close the door behind her. Damn it! Sweet dreams? Since when do you say that when you first meet a person? This is just ridiculous. I might not know much about her. Barely really had conversation with her, but something told me I had to get to know her. Hell…I just might have fallen in love with her, and she was a total stranger to me. God, I don’t know, but I’m in for a ride I bet.
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Matt Empty
PostSubject: Matt, Chapter 4   Matt Icon_minitimeWed Apr 13, 2011 12:23 am

It was early in the morning and I was hearing my door being knocked at. I checked the time and it was just 7am. Damn its 7am! I have to get up.
“Yeah, come in!” I ran towards the bathroom when my Dad came in.
“Morning Son. What’s your hurry? Were you expecting Riko? From what I know of, you’ve never had to make sure you were fixed up for him.”
“What? No Dad, I wouldn’t fix myself up for him.” I let out a laugh, just had to. “I got a date in an hour, if you wouldn’t have woken me up I’d still b sleeping. Why are you asking me about Riko?”
“Oh it’s that he is just outside looking for you. Went to a party last night?”
“Yes, Bill called me up, introduced me to his girlfriend and…”
“Girlfriend!? Bill as in Billy boy? Wow can you imagine that, him having a girlfriend, unbelievable.”
“Yeah I know, and she has a twin sister, and well we kind of double dated. Last night I asked her out for a cup of coffee or something.”
“What happen to…what’s her name Lynette or Leigh?”
“Lynette, we broke it of a week ago, saw her go off with some rich dude. I didn’t like that.”
“Sorry about that.”
“No you’re not. You didn’t like her remember? You called her Miss Slut and a bunch of other names which had me surprised that they ever came out of your mouth.”
“Yeah, turned out I was right.” We both laughed, loved my old man. I was already dressed up and ready for my date. I haven’t felt this half excited and nervous since my first date with my high school first crush. I felt so foolish.
“Well Dad, going down to talk to Riko. Guess I’ll be seeing you later right? Stop working so much okay?” I flashed him a grin and barely caught what he said last. I guess it was something about him not working so much.
Riko was down in the living room with a newspaper in his hand. I sometimes found it hard to believe how we were such great friends, almost brotherly. He was always wearing business suits even on a Sunday; always all uptight and with a business suitcase. We were total opposites in almost every single way. It has been a while since he last came by. He stood up and gave me a big hug.
“To what do I honor this rare visit from you?”
“I know I’ve been lost lately, but here checking up on you. I couldn’t help noticing the newspaper about this nice accomplishment from the cops retrieving 20k of coke. The cops say they had gotten a mysterious call from someone who they assume was the same guy who had helped them with some of the thugs that didn’t get to get away. Funny though, in the description of this guy, to me it sounded very much like you.”
I looked at him skeptically, I didn’t know where he was going with this, and I decided I rather not want to find out. Riko and I have shared many experiences together. And we barely ever kept things about our lives to each other. But this was always something I never shared with him. I did my best keeping these things to myself. Sometimes my gut tells me things and I wasn’t sure that I wanted him putting two plus two.
“Really don’t know what you are talking about. You know me.”
“Yes I know you very well, since first grade, but like I said its funny. 5’10’’ early twenties, blonde spiky hair due, a goatee, long sleeveless brown coat. Some of the things you enjoy wearing from what I know of. “
“Yeah, but what in the world would I be doing with thugs in the first place? I can’t even pick up a gun and aim right. Remember you were always a better shooter than me even in video games. And when we’d get into fights, you always had to come to my rescue? You! And it was all because I couldn’t defend myself. Remember?” We both laughed, it was so funny sometimes how I would get beat up, and see Riko run to the rescue practically. He’d sprint, leap the stairs, over bushes, whatever obstacle there was, but Riko would get there, ready for war. His blue eyes would darken incredibly; it would freak some people out. Sometimes the bullies would just run off by looking at him when he carried his killing face.
“Yes I do remember.” Then he got back to being serious. “But if that is so, how about explaining why you’re photograph is miraculously in the news paper?” What the newspaper? I pulled it away from his hands looking at the page he pointed out. Damn now how will I get out of this one?
“Let’s just say a coincidence? I was around there, guess they assumed I was the same guy who called and did all they say he did? I don’t know Riko. But you know me, it’s not my thing.” Tried my best to sound convincing enough. I needed to get him off my back. And later on I know I’m going to have to deal with the cops about this. There’s no question in that.
“Matt, these people are from the Mafia. Do you have any idea what this means if you are linked to it even one bit? You better watch where you go, they will come after you.”
“How sure are you about that?”
“Let’s just say I have my sources, people talk Matthew. I would not want to see you hurt, stay out of trouble. I’m suppose to be somewhere in thirty minutes. We will hang out some other time. I mean it stay out of trouble Matt. This isn’t something I can simply barge in and have your back, just like in high school.”
“Don’t worry man. But you don’t need to worry. I’m sure it’s a huge misunderstanding, and it will be cleared up. See ya later.”
After Riko left I saw some cops stop by in front of my house and asked me to let them in. I knew this was coming. I did and they asked me questions about what had happened.
While Matthew was handling with the cops, leading them to believe that he had nothing to do with the crime scene, and that they had made a mistake, Riko was in his office. One of his top men walked in.
“Boss you are back, you seem upset or something sir.”
“Yes of course I am. Why wouldn’t I? The cops retrieved 20k of our purest coke. And I’m suppose to be smiling?” he came up to the other guy, who wasn’t as tall as him and wearing a casket to support his injured shoulder. He grabbed him by the shirt glaring at him. “The worst part, and this strictly stays between you and me, is that the guy who was involved in all this so happens to be like a brother to me!” He released his grip and turned his back towards him. “Sorry Dylan.” He fixed his shirt up a bit.
“Boss, I don’t mean to pressure you or anything, but the code states that…”
“It states I am to kill him! Who do you think you are talking to? I am very aware of what should be done and will be done. I just don’t know how I’m going to be able to handle it after. To me…he’s family. How would his dad take it? I love the old man, he’s like my father too.”

Wow, some mourning, and I’m almost late to pick up Catherine. I think I look okay. Oh god, since when do I really care if I’m looking good before such a casual date. This was a very casual date right? I mean it’s just a cup of coffee. Come one Matt get a grip. I pressed on the doorbell and heard her saying she will be right out. As the door opened up I swore I saw the most horrid thing ever. It wasn’t Catherine. It was some woman wearing rollers, sliced cucumbers on her eye and a thick layer of green mascara I’d say. I think I actually screamed. Then I finally saw Catherine step behind that hideous thing. It was a relief for me to see her. When she saw me she giggled a bit. I must have had some face.
“Sorry about that, your face is so funny. That was just Jaz.”
“Thank goodness. She really did scare me. I’m so glad that it wasn’t you.” I guess Jaz didn’t stay in the whole night with Bill. Catherine slid her arm around mine and looked up at me with fluttering her eyes.
“What if that would have been me?”
“Oh, umm well…” I tapped her arm and smiled. “I would say you looked dropped dead gorgeous.” Gave her a wide grin and she flipped her head back giving me a very warm throaty laugh. Those knots I felt the other night felt worse at that moment. She looked just as gorgeous right now as she did last night.
We arrived at the coffee shop and ordered what we both wanted, and we picked a table and sat down. She started telling me how she was studying English literature and majoring in psychology. I was quite impressed with all that she was telling me. I think might still have been impressed even if she told me that she wanted to be the best garbage picker in the world. Something about her just knocked me off my feet. I loved her face expressions, how she would laugh, how she would randomly start playing with her hair. She also worked part time in a diner, which was one that Riko and I loved to hang sometimes at night. She would take the morning shift to have time for her classes. Later she asked me what was I doing, I told her I would take short random jobs, tutor now and then, and how I was trying to study to be an illustrator and graphic designer, but that at the moment due to certain reasons, I wasn’t really focusing on it. Then I decided to change topic, and asked her what was the deal between Jaz and Bill. I still found it hard to believe he finally had a girlfriend.
“I mean, seriously, Bill has always been the type who parties and goofs around. Not once have I ever seen him with the same girl consistently. He has always had random ‘associates’. For some reason that was how he liked calling them.” Saw how Catherine raised an eyebrow, made me laugh.
“Associates? You are kidding me right?” She had a cute looking face. I nodded in response.
“Not kidding. So it really has me wondering, how’s she handling him? Because last night, I saw hooked.”
“I am just as surprised as you are. I know Bill for a bit, and he was hitting on me long ago, till he got the message I wasn’t interested.” I saw her have a wide mysterious smile. I am guessing that Bill got the message the hard way. “Then maybe a week or two, he meets my sister, and she usually plays with her men. But I’m guessing she actually likes him.” She shrugged.
“Maybe both met their match?”
“Perhaps. Good for them.”
“You think you’ll meet your match?”
“It would take a real man to be my match.” Now it was my turn to raise my eyebrows. She flipped her hair, and gave me a wide smile. Leaned closer towards me. “I don’t see that happening any time soon.” Was she trying to challenge me, or trying to discourage me? I’m real man enough. She will see.

Just around the corner…

“Boss guess what? I have spotted the kid you wanted. He’s here at the coffee shop ‘Latté cup’. What do you want us to do?”
Dylan looked at his watch and and signaled one of his minions to come close.
“Get me Jack now!”
“Yes sir.”
Out of nowhere with a small poof sound, someone mysteriously appears. He seemed tall and hairy. Carried the appearance of Wolverine. His body features where sharp and strong. Heavy browns and pointy sharp fangs. He wore a brown leather long coat, black shirt with a white tie.
“You called Dylan?”
“Jack, just the man I needed.”
“Now I have a special task for you. See that kid with that girl there? I want you to take her as hostage.”
“That woman? Are you sure you want me to? Do you even know with what are we dealing with?”
“Yes I do. Don’t tell me your sniffing senses kick in and telling me woman in heat?”
Jack frowned at him.
“No. It’s just that you don’t know her, and I do, and she isn’t to be messed with. Plus I was mainly just asking since it is an open area, will call attention.”
“Oh, you are concerned about the attention we’ll get. So what? I will give you attention. Philip shoot!”
“Yes sir!” Without hesitating, the sniper aimed randomly at a glass of water nearby where Matt and Catherine were sitting.
“What the hell, who’s shooting at me this time.” As I was going to pull Catherine down to the ground, people were running out of the scene like crazy, I saw her being captive by some wolfish looking weirdo.
“You ask who’s shooting at you as if you always getting shot at. I was just he glass being shot at. If you want to be shot at, then that can also be arranged” He was grinning at me. Noticed he whispered something in Catherine’s ear but I couldn’t make it what he said.
‘If I were you, I would let her go now.” I saw the guy sniffing at her neck. It brought me fury. I wanted his hands off her, wanted to break every single bone in his body for just touching her, just being an inch close to her. Then behind the guy came out another, this one looked familiar.
“You should have killed me when you had the chance.” He laughed hard and loud. He was so right. “Hand me the girl Jack!” Oh I should have killed him. I started hating his guts so much. Jack threw Catherine towards Dylan, he held her and had the gun pointed against her head. Jack was now standing between us, and his gun aiming at my forehead. Once Dylan took Catherine inside a black car, out of nowhere Jack simply vanished leaving a bit of smoke behind. That was a bit freaky. I tried following the car, and managed to place a tracker on it. Always carried one around, just in case. Now it was to head home fast. Before I went to rescue Catherine I needed to be prepared.

They had strapped and blindfolded Catherine on a chair, in a closed room. Dylan was on the phone talking to Riko.
“Boss, the girl we caught was hanging with the kid earlier. What are your orders.”
“You mean the same one from yesterday?” He knew he sounded a bit nervous. He couldn’t help it. Dylan told him, and continued reaffirming him that it was Matthew. What if his friend wasn’t who he thought or hoped he was, maybe he was the type of guy who pretended to suck with guns and wasn’t fit enough to take down several guys. What if he was the type to actually track them down to recue this woman? What if he were to find out his truth. That he wasn’t just any lawyer, but was running part of the Mafia here in town? Was he losing it or what?
“Yes boss, so what do you want us to do?”
“I don’t know. Do what ever you wish, I got to hang up, and I have a meeting. Keep me posted.”
“Yes Sir.”
Riko hanged up. He wished he could avoid this. But if he started showing he was weak in front of his men. He could lose their respect, his reputation, which was hard to maintain, especially now. When he knew that it was his best friend, his brother who would be involved. Why couldn’t it have been some other arrogant person? He still had a hard time believing what Dylan told him. The guy, who came out in the newspaper, was the same one who got involved in their business. Matthew had told him it was mere coincidence. It was easier to believe Matthew. He didn’t want it to be Matthew. Like lets get serious, since when did he start learning to fight, and pick up a gun?
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PostSubject: Matt, Chapter 6   Matt Icon_minitimeWed Apr 13, 2011 12:23 am

I Went back home as fast as I could, got what I needed and headed to where the tracker device led me. I couldn’t have taken more than forty minutes. Once I got to the location. It seemed like an abandoned neighborhood. Graffiti on the walls, broken windows and doors made with pieces of wood. Bet this was a place where all the junkies would hang out or something. I spotted the car parked in front of a really broken down looking apartment. As I walked in, I noted that inside was nothing compared to outside. It was neat, and clean. There was white walls, and polished ceramic floor. Not a single speck of dust. I started having this bad vibe. As if someone was watching me. When I turned at a corner saw a sword coming right at me, took out my sword in defense and blocked it. It was the wolfish guy again. And he was even sniffing at me this time.
“Just so you’d know, I did wear deodorant. So no need to be sniffing me”
“Well you got this sniffing habit, just to make it easier for you, if you’re smell something bad it isn’t me. Must have been the fact that you haven’t showered lately perhaps? And you haven’t figured that out yet.”
Unbelievable he actually snarled and growled at me like an animal. I could tell he was studying me by the way he looked at me. He applied more pressure on his sword. Suddenly, as fast as he attacked me, he stepped back lowering his guard. I was still in defending position. Wasn’t sure what to expect. Maybe this was how he wanted me to get distracted.
“You are more than what you seem.”
“I don’t want to chit-chat. Where is she?” Was he still sniffing? What a freak.
“You remind me a lot of myself years ago. Foolish young man, putting your life on a string for that woman.” How insulting. Now I felt like wanting to growl at him. “Follow along that hallway, take the second door to your left. There you will find her.” He had me stunned for a second. Why was he leading me the way? Wasn’t he meant to stop me or something?
“Wait, why are you telling me, why aren’t you stopping me?”
“This way, things just might get a bit more interesting. I like some action. I want to see the outcome. Go before I change my mind” And with that he vanished just as he did the first time. I’m starting not to like how he does that one bit. Could he do that when ever he felt like? Was it some sort of magic trick?

With a small cloud of smoke, Jack had appeared in front of Dylan.
“He is coming here.” He said in a calm voice.
“What do you mean he is coming here? You moron! Why didn’t you stop him, or kill him?!”
“I wanted some fun.” He gave him a wolfish grin and disappeared leaving smoke behind once again.

I did what he told me. I didn’t know him. I knew that this wasn’t the last I will be seeing of him. For some reason, my gut told me to trust him this once. I kicked the door wide open, with my guns out and ready to be used, and there she was. Sitting on a chair, with her hands tied to her back, and so were her legs. Her mouth was strapped with tape. Yet, she seemed like she was strong even then. I felt a heave of anger. How could they be doing this to her? I spotted Dylan and one of his minions, who seemed he decided to run off and avoid me. That was smart of him, because I was almost ready to kill at sight. But now, it was just Dylan and I.
“Missed me?” I aimed my guns at him.
“Why yes my dear, seems to me it’s just you and me. Isn’t that nice?”
“Yeah. You ready to die?” I wanted him dead for placing his filthy hands on Catherine.
“Lets fight like grown men. Mano a mano? How about it?” Fair enough I thought, and I nodded. We both dropped our guns, he took off his coat, tie and shirt, he was left with his undershirt. I did pretty much the same. Didn’t have a tie, just my jacket and a black T-shirt. I closed my fists tight, ready to fight when I saw him pull out a gun from behind his pants. How foolish was I to actually believe he was going to give me a clean fight. Sometimes I can be so naïve.
“Now you really are playing dirty.”
“Like I told you, you should have killed me when you had a chance.”
“A life for a life?”
“For now I think it’s fair enough, but just this once.” He thought he was being noble, and he started to turn around. He was so stupid.
“Oh sure, I will even make sure of it.” He hadn’t even notice I had already grabbed a sharp pole, that was just lying around there. I lunged myself to stab him right on his stomach with it. “Die Moron!” He dropped down t the ground bleeding slowly. I walked up to Catherine, and too out a knife out of my pocket and cut off the rope that had her tied. Slowly removed the tape that was on her mouth, stood her up, and grabbed her face. I looked into her eyes, and they just looked serious. She didn’t even seem scared. She held up pretty strong. I rested my hands on her shoulders, and now she looked relaxed.
“Catherine, I’m sorry. There are things about me you don’t know…” She stopped me, she pulled me closer to her and kissed me. Those lips were soft. She applied more pressure in her kiss. I felt like she was drugging me with it. Just as how the kiss started, it ended, and I just held her in my arms.
“Want me to take you home?” She nodded, and took her out of the building and into my car. Minutes later we were in her apartment.
“Matthew, thank you.”
“You don’t have to thank me. It was my fault in the first place. They wanted to get to me.”
“I think I want to be left alone right now. I would offer you something to drink but…”
“I understand, I know.” I walked up to her and kissed her lips lightly, she wrapped her arms around me, driving me deeper into the kiss. It was like she wanted me, yet she didn’t when she pulled away. She placed her fingertips over my lips.
“You should get going now. Maybe you can make it up to me with a movie tomorrow?” I smiled. When I almost thought that the first kiss was just because a mess of emotions, and that maybe she wouldn’t want to see me again. Especially, after how she pulled away just a second ago. There she gives an opening. Another date, another chance.
“Yes, see you then.” I lead myself out, and saw her looking at me till I was out of sight.
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PostSubject: Matt' Chapter 6   Matt Icon_minitimeWed Apr 13, 2011 12:24 am

I arrived home, and saw my dad sitting on the couch. Ever since my mother died three years ago, my old man comes home from work and sits on that same very couch. Every now and then I often wondered what went though his mind. He would simply just sit there for hours. Now and then he might be checking the newspapers, or flipping through the channels on the TV, but mostly, he would just sit there. Thinking. I would look at him at times, and see how he would strain his face. Was it frustration? Anger? Confusion? Or sadness? Maybe it was all that at once.
I would try talk to him at times, but it didn’t seem to work, it’s as if he didn’t hear me when I called out to him. This was his way of mourning every day I guess. Once he was done with his mourning period, he would behave like nothing happened. In the end, we would talk, joke around, sometimes we would eat together, then he would head off to bed, and as for me, that would depend on the mood I was in. I often would venture out in the streets, sometimes hang with Bill, or even enjoy the quiet night in my old tree house and read a good book.
Several times I have habitually thought back, the day that my mother died, my father was with her. He never really gave us the details. He avoided the topic just like he avoided several other topics about his past. I remembered once, Riko and I had asked him about my mother’s death, in more detail. I believe at some point we were demanding it, because all Dad would say was she had died instantly during the car accident. For one reason or another, it was hard to believe because his face expression somehow gave him away. It made me wonder if there was really more to it. Maybe it was just I being foolish. Perhaps simply imagined he had a weird expression. Either way I sometimes didn’t get my father. He had some peculiar ways of expressing himself at times.
I walked towards my father, and tapped his shoulder. Maybe he has been here for some time already, son to resurface into reality and will respond to me.
“Mattie, son!” He looked up at me and gave me a warm smile. “How was you day?”
“Pretty good I’d say. How about yours?”
“Same thing as always, struggling with couples to come to a reasonable agreement, and stop spatting at each other like little kids.” We both smiled. My father was a divorce attorney. He says he never understands those couples. He and mom, whenever they had a quarrel it was handled in a very productive manner. I would shut him up after that because, knowing him, I knew where he was heading, and I mean what kid really wants to know the details of that?
“Sounds like fun.”
“Yeah, there was this couple, that I had to use the cone heads and send them each to a corner, because the wife couldn’t stop herself from wanting to slap the poor fella. Almost considered tying her down.” He was laughing; sometimes he gets a kick out of his work. He sure has some amazing stories.
“It was like that bad?”
I sat next to him, getting ready to hear more. I enjoyed listening to him, it was always fun to. Giving details, I bet he would enlarge some of them too. I mean who would have thought, two grown middle-aged people throwing the cushion pillows at each other? Eventually he would talk about if I were to get married, what to do and not to do, because women were just complicated. How they easily tend to fuss over various things, and get all too sensitive because the guy didn’t say something right, and didn’t go as how he meant it or something. If you didn’t call the wife, she’d feel utterly lonely, and if you called far too much, you were to be annoying to her. And once again that would make him bring up how complicated my mom was, and how he had to figure how to balance the relationship, because he was fully aware he wasn’t an easy man either.
Hours later, after we finished talking I was walking up to my room. I was tired. After all it had been a long day. As I lay down on my bed, I couldn’t help myself but to think about Catherine. I say she was an interesting woman. It was impressive how she held herself up after such incident earlier. I can’t forget how good she smelled while she was in my arms. When she grabbed onto my face and pulled me to kiss her. Wow was all I could think of. It’s amazing looking into her eyes. One moment its green, then the nmoext its blue
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